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22. november 2017

Successful seminar about cattle research

CPH Cattle had invited to an "Up to date with Cattle Research”-seminar, where researchers from the Vet School, DTU and private organisations presented research and projects that address challenges in cattle production within the areas of:

  • animal welfare
  • nutrition, metabolic disorders and methane emission
  • infectious diseases, diagnostics and calf health
  • mastitis and herd health management

It was a packed day from 9:00 to 15:40 and during the day 125 participants filled the beautiful Festauditorium on Frederiksberg Campus to hear the latest news from the areas.

And there are a lot of issues to handle now and for the coming years. Presentations held at the seminar tried to give answers to questions such as:

Can natural feed additives reduce enteric methane emission? Since Denmark are expected to reduce the CO2 emission with 30% within the farming sector by 2030 this is an important research project. Promising results for seaweed as a potential new additive to cattle feed was presented.

Inflammation-induced pain in cattle: why and how we should alleviate it? For ethical reasons and to reduce pain-inflicted production losses, farmers and veterinarians should work together to minimize pain and suffering in cattle. Awareness should be increased on the fact that early and appropriate treatment of acute pain often will prevent the development of the welfare- and production-reducing chronic pain in the stoic cattle species.

Afternoon sessions were dedicated infectious diseases that cause challenges in the milk and meat production at the seminar, and the presentations provided new insights into the dynamics and genetics of bacterial strains, as well as new diagnostic recommendations.

Abstracts and presentations can be found here.